02. Jun 2020
Company News

COVID-19 update

As every responsible company is doing, we are taking the current situation very seriously and doing everything we can to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees. At the same time, we are ensuring that, where we serve essential trade and critical care services, we are able to provide support and supply as needed by our customers as the outbreak expands across the globe.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Ideal Standard has continued to provide uninterrupted supply to the market despite closing our UK factory to safeguard our operations employees. We are particularly proud that with the support of all our partners in the supply chain we have been able to support critical healthcare projects, essential trades and key worker operations with required sanitaryware and hygiene solutions throughout the crisis.

A massive thanks to our committed team we saw some amazing actions by many at such extraordinary times.

On Monday morning, 1st June, we were really pleased to be able to open our factory doors again, fire up the Kilns and start manufacturing again all with further increased health and safety routines in place.

Our customer service & order management services continue as normal, with our team, happily working from home to manage your needs and we have improved our online services including making a wider range of repair focused products available on our FastPart website for easy access.

Our London Design and Specification Centre remains closed, we are preparing the centre for re-opening on an appointment only basis, and will announce an opening date shortly.

As we have been throughout, we are open for business, to continue constructing the new, renovating the old and repairing the essential, always working together for better.


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