A new era in flush technology


A new era in flush technology

AquaBlade® – cleaner, quieter and smarter flush

AquaBlade® is the greatest innovation since the flush. Cleaner, quieter and smarter, it delivers superior, splash-free flushing, even at low water volumes. For spaces where hygiene is key, and for washrooms where first impressions are essential, AquaBlade® delivers new standards in design, engineering and performance.


Cleaner, Quieter, Smarter

  • The smooth, gently curved surface with no overhanging rim means AquaBlade® cleans 100% of the bowl every time. Powerful waterjets flush bacteria away and eliminate splashing, reducing cleaning time and maintenance.

  • AquaBlade® outperforms all existing toilets. The revolutionary technology is up to 80% quieter than traditional flushes and 25% quieter than equivalent models.

  • AquaBlade® sets new standards in performance and efficiency. The breakthrough technology saves water and works brilliantly at low flush volumes.

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    Aquablade Toilet Flush Technology

    Sets new standards in both toilet design and flush technology

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