Impossibly fine, Effortlessly strong


Impossibly fine, Effortlessly strong

Developing Diamatec®

Striving to achieve the most thin and precise designs in ceramics, Diamatec® was developed using a unique blend of alumina and chamotte. The result is a new material that allows designers to achieve the near impossible: highly complex and challenging designs with unprecedented strength and durability.


Robustly tested for peace of mind

Diamatec® is the culmination of over 200 years of innovation in ceramics. Our revolutionary ceramic allows us for the first time to manufacture very fine, thin, straight edges that is nonetheless, extremely strong, and appropriate for a wide range of demanding environments. This technology was inspired by other areas where ceramics are expected to be thin, strong, and attractive, such as hotel tableware. 

  • We chose the best and latest technologies from these and other sectors, and precisely blended ingredients such as Alumina, known for its hardness and strength, and Chamotte, which prevents cracking and adds structural strength. The result is a new material that is particularly suitable for demanding environments, where the need to combine strong aesthetics with hard-wearing durability is paramount.

  • To ensure products made from Diamtec® can resist heavy usage over a long period we worked with Lucideon, the independent materials testing institute. As you can see above, some samples of our Diamatec material could not be broken by the maximum impact energy that could be delivered by the test machine; while all of the samples of competitors’ material were broken within the machine’s operating range.

  • Diamatec® also performed well in an edge chipping test, where a metal ball was swung into the product. These results illustrate the robustness of Diamatec® that enables us to achieve the holy grail of ceramics: extremely strong, thin, straight edges.

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